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All You Need Is The RIGHT Solution.
Many Suffered For Years, Until They Found One...

Just like Tracy...

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Dear Friend

WEICARE was formulated by an accomplished old Chinese master physician based on 50 years of experience, observation and feedback from over 30,000 patients

The most amazing part is that these 9 carefully selected Chinese Herbs work PERFECTLY TOGETHER.

It has been tested by a team of foremost experienced and specialized Chinese physicians for years.

Eventually, WEICARE was stably developed, specifically for RESTORING STOMACH QI. (the invisible vital energy of your stomach)

Now, you're probably thinking...
Why Do I Need A Strong Stomach Qi?
Here's the answer...

The ancient Chinese physician has long discovered that the stomach itself has the strongest self-healing ability. (FYI, it takes just 3 days for a stomach to build another stomach)

Therefore, the SMARTEST way to solve a gastric problem is to address it inside out.

It is also the FASTEST way is to restore your weakened Stomach Qi in the SHORTEST possible time.

And, the EASIEST way is to give your stomach the exact right ingredients to boost your Stomach Qi.

In short, it is to...
In other words...

In fact, this is how WISER people solve their gastric problem.

They focus on the ROOT CAUSE !

In order to achieve the best results you've been wanting

All You Need To Do Is To Follow The 3 SIMPLE STEPS!

Help your Stomach Qi


As Fast As Possible!

The reasons are CLEAR:

So, the first 14 days are CRUCIAL!

Here's WHY

at the same time...

Help your Stomach Qi


As Fast As Possible!

The plan is SIMPLE:

All you need to do is to provide your stomach with enough ingredients through WEICARE.

Then, you stomach will naturally start to regulate the imbalanced gastric function, ensuring that the secretion of gastric juice is gradually restored and maintained at a reasonable level.

The second 14 days are equally IMPORTANT!

in a short period of time...

Help your Stomach Qi


As Fast As Possible!

By now...

However, to prevent recurrence...

Your Stomach Qi needs your support to consolidate the Qi.

All you need to do is to continue for another 30 days to strengthen your Stomach Qi.

On top of everything,
It is to ensure your SAFETY and EFFICACY

Every batch of WEICARE must go through 15 Stringent Steps of the GMP manufacturing process and 63 Types of drug screening tests before we deliver it to you.

And of course, WEICARE has already been...

So, you can be rest assured that this is a...

Now, you must be wondering...

What's Inside The Capsule?

Let's find out!

Now That You Are Just One Step Away, Why Not Give It A Try?

Sally made the right choice, perhaps the BEST ever...

"For many years, my biggest fear was the gastric problem always attacked in the middle of the night..."

It was especially frustrating when I was away from home for business trips.

Indeed, I developed this problem when I was 16.

I was a salesgirl at a department store. It was a job with long working hours and irregular break times.

Initially, I relied on antacids to relieve the discomfort. But it gradually became severe, until I was admitted to the hospital.

Over the years, I have tried various of therapies and treatments, bought thousands of dollars of products, but in the end, my problem remains unresolved.

Until one day...

A colleague who had the same problem as me bought me WEICARE.

I had little faith in it so I left it on the kitchen cabinet for months. In fact, I told her I tried but it wasn't helpful at all.

But after seeing how much better she was getting, and how much happier she seemed now, I thought maybe I should at least give it a try.

To be honest, there were no noticeable change in the first few days except that the hiccups and bloating became a little less frequent.

It was until two weeks later; my son suddenly asked me: "mummy, your stomach pain pain ok already?"

It was at that moment that I realized that the stomach problem had not flared up for a while.

With a little leap of faith, I told myself this could be the solution I had been looking for and, I decided to carry on.

After a full cycle of treatment, my life is now almost back on track!

The most fortunate part for me is that even if my gastric problem suddenly attacks, I know how to handle it.

Sometimes I even advise my friends how to deal with gastric problems.

I still travel quite a lot nowadays, but the difference is, with WEICARE around, I feel safe wherever I go.

It's like having a 24-hour bodyguard.

Why am I sharing?

I am a businesswoman. I have a busy schedule. Compared to the time and money I spent on gastric problems; this solution is by far the only one that gave me absolute control of my life. ~ Sally, Selangor

Sometimes, What You Don't Believe Turns Out To Be What You Need!

An effortless shift of mindset can change everything, just like Ms Kok...

"Frankly speaking, I don't believe in Chinese Medicine, so I threw it away..."

But I regretted it...

I had gastric problem for almost eight years.

My hands started trembling uncontrollably whenever it attacked; often followed by cold sweat, nausea, and stomach cramp.

Can you believe that there was a period that I spent most of my time visiting the doctors, and what I get are all medicines to control my acid reflux?

In short, those are only temporary reliefs. The problems kept coming back, in which I have to live in the fear of my symptoms stroke anytime at anywhere.

A year ago, a colleague who had the same problem introduced me WEICARE.

But I told her straight away: sorry, I don't believe in Chinese medicine. I walked away.

Three months later, I noticed her taking spicy food that she hadn't been able to eat for years.

I was really surprised, and obviously envious to see her enjoying all kinds of food that neither of us could eat in the past.

Perhaps I was so fed up with my condition, and eagerly wanted to be like her, I start searching WEICARE from website.

Yes, that's how I started.

Honestly, three days after taking WEICARE, there were no significant changes and, I doubted my condition and almost gave up.

The only thing that kept me going was the heartburn issue became less. Good news is that, the bitter taste in my mouth was gone.

A month later, my colleague suddenly asked me how was my gastric problem. She told me I seemed relaxed and happy now.

Well, I did apologize for my harsh rejection and thanked her for the recommendation.

My colleague and I continue to bought a few bottles later.

Now, my gastric problem is under control. I could focus on my work without interference, no more sudden struck or trembling hands during meetings or OT!

It's so good to be just like the other!

Reason why I share?

I am not sharing this because the product is good. I won't get any benefits in return. But what my experience taught me was...

Sometimes, what you don't believe turns out to be something you may need.

Nothing will change until you try something different, I'm glad I made the right move. ~Ms. Kok, Melaka

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90% Of Gastric Problems Attack Without Any Early Warning

So, you have 2 options right now...


Leave this page empty handed which is totally fine. You have no obligation to buy anything you don't need.


If you have come this far, there must be something you need to deal with but, you are still hesitating...

Well, we understand how you feel.

Maybe you have tried all kinds of product, therapy, treatment and yet you are skeptical even with all the explanations and proofs.

You are not sure whether this is going to work for you or just another time-wasting effort.

But what I have seen over the years was...

Those who managed to turn the table around were the ones with a different mindset.

I could still remember what one of them told me....

"If I have no control over my health, I have no control over my life."

They wanted to be the ones that decide their future, life and HAPPINESS.

Today, many of them have become our loyalty customers. Whenever I asked:

What was the reason you decided to try WEICARE?

Many times, the same answer kept coming up...

"I don't know, I wasn't sure, but I told myself...


So, Let Me Give You MY WORD!

If these symptoms are happening to you right now...


Start protecting your Stomach Qi IMMEDIATELY !


With only ONE simple condition :


If you 100% adhere to the steps mentioned above, follow exactly what we want you to do.


We will refund 100% of your investment.

The Bad News Is, This Is A Limited Time Offer!

Why am I doing this?

It's simple...

1. We received lots of feedback that the lockdown has taken its toe on them. Therefore, we want to help those who need it by coming up with this special promotion.

However, we can't do this for a long period, it ends when the advertisement stops.

2. We believe WEICARE will help you, just like how we helped thousands out there.

So, If you’re tired of dealing with those annoying heartburn, bloating, indigestion, pain, nausea, GET it today and put an end to your frustration!

In fact, from our previous record, 87.5% of our customers order min 3 bottles of WEICARE.

The reason is simple:

They want to REGAIN ABSOLUTE CONTROL over their life.

They knew WEICARE could be the only solution that could set them FREE!

They want to do anything they desire in life without disturbance.

And of course, they don’t want to worry about coming back later for a higher price…

Or worse still, returning to this website only to find that WEICARE is out of stock.

It's up to you!

As I said earlier, we want you to solve your gastric problem and at the same time reduce your burden within our capability.

That is why we provide you with 3 different options to help you kick start your journey.

Here`s our suggestion

1. GET in the SMART PACK (3 BOTTLES) and kick start your journey with peace of mind.


2. INVEST the VALUE PACK (5 BOTTLES) and keep it at home or your office and of course, your bag.


3. STOCK UP the FAMILY PACK (7 BOTTLES) and keep it at home or your office and of course, your bag.

This is what 99% of our return customers do because they feel a lot SAFER with WEICARE around.

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Health Right Now!

So go ahead and get yours RIGHT NOW!

For Many, Happiness Simply Means Eat Well, Poop Well...

But for Ms. You, all she wanted was just to lie down and sleep peacefully...

"I haven't slept well for years. I almost forgot how it feels to sleep well..."

I hated that feeling of heartburn and the heartbeats pounding in my chest.

I could even feel the gas "rushing" up to my throat whenever I hiccupped.

Every morning, there was a sense of bitter taste surrounding my mouth.

I almost forgot how it feels to sleep well because I haven't slept well for more than 10 years.

Why? Because I was so afraid to lie down.

Most of the time, I had to sit upright by the bedside and sleep. (Believe me, you don't want this kind of life.)

The minute I lay down, there was a strong feeling the gastric acid was "pouring" towards my throat.

I had a couple of choking experiences during midnights. This terrified me so much until I refused to lie down, even when there was no acid reflux.

For years, all I wanted was just to lie down and sleep peacefully...

I have seen many doctors. Took both western and traditional medicine; even spent thousands on healthcare products.

Most of them helped temporarily but none were able to solve.

A few months ago, I saw this WEICARE's advertisement online. Quite frankly, I was very skeptical.

It caught my attention because I saw a testimonial very similar to my problem.

I contacted their customer service for more information. A few days later, I dropped by their office since the company is located in Melaka.

I eventually bought a bottle of WEICARE just to try out.

Something strange happened.

I belched even more in the first two days, but the bitter taste became less, especially in the morning.

Until the fifth day, the bloating started to reduce, especially after meals.

I decided to purchase the whole course of treatment and follow exactly what I was told by the customer service lady.

About two weeks later, acid reflux started to reduce slowly, especially middle of the night.

Two months later, it was almost gone. The happiest thing is I can now lie down and sleep.

Now? WEICARE is in standby mode, just in case.

The reason why I share?

I have been suffering for 20 years, 10 years without a night of good sleep, I believe that there are many of them out there just like me.

If you are having the same problem, try it. I can't guarantee it works for you, but it's worth trying. ~Ms. You, Melaka

A Few Words From My Heart...

If you are here, you should be able to know by now that It's never about money or about us, it's about YOU!

We fully respect whatever decison you make, just...

Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyed And Too Short To Be Wasted.
Imagine Yourself 60 Days From Now...
Aren't these what you have been looking for?
Don't Wait Till You Are 65...

And regret...

"Can you imagine? Almost every evening, for 15 years, my stomach bloated like basketball..."

I don't know how I got through this...It was terrible!

The "Air" kept pushing my chest; it made me feel difficult to breathe. I had to find a way to release it; otherwise, I could not sleep at night.

Honestly, I missed a lot of good times because of this.

For many years, I was so afraid to attend wedding dinners.

Many times, the bloating started before these events. I had to leave early and rush back home before it got worst.

More than just embarrassed, I was frustrated that I couldn't be a part of the key moments of life with my family and friends.

During Chinese New Year, I would cook for my family but, I rarely enjoyed the food because of the bloating.

My children always wanted me to join their family trips, but I refused. I knew the bloating would occur anytime; I didn't want to spoil their holidays.

One day, my neighbor saw me rubbing my stomach with ointment. Out of curiosity, he asked me why; I told him my problem.

A few days later, he gave me WEICARE. He said a friend who had the same problem recommended him. But I put it aside. I thought this young man wanted to sell me something.

One night, the bloating happened in the middle of the night. I could not sleep and started looking around for some solution.

And I saw WEICARE on the cabinet.

I told myself: why not try it. what if it works? Well, it's a Chinese Medicine, what could go wrong?

What happened was, I kept farting after 30 minutes; it was so relieved.

The next day, I tried it again.

The same happened again. What surprised me was the bloating did not happen that evening, which had not happened in so many years.

Three days later, I asked my daughter to buy me a set of treatment pack.

I didn't want to tolerate the bloating anymore; I wanted my life back.

And I did.

Now? My life couldn't be better!

I'm enjoying the food I dare not even try before. And I traveled to many countries with my children too!

For me, being able to try any food is not my greatest gift, the most blessed part to me is never being absent again from the joyful moments with my children and grandchildren!

Why am I sharing this?

I want to pay it forward. I have waited long enough for this solution.

I am very thankful to my neighbor. I hope my story can help more people. You don't have to believe what I said, try it if you have the same problem. ~Madam Tan, 65


Yes. Just remember to split one hour in between.


In most cases, there is no obvious conflict with most western medicine.


But if you are worry, please consult your Doctor or Physician before taking Weicare.

Yes. Temporarily avoid sour, spicy, fried, raw and cold food/drinks during your treatment.


This is to avoid any delay during the recovery.

Yes. Take three capsules of Weicare with lukewarm water.


In most cases, the problem will relieve gradually within 30 minutes.


If symptoms persist, please contact your doctor immediately.

Unfortunately no. It is not recommended because one of the herbal ingredient is OS Sepiella Maindroni, which is squid’s cartilage.

For safety reasons, we do NOT recommend Weicare for those with G6PD, lupus erythematosus, and allergies to traditional Chinese medicine.


We strongly advise you to at least follow full 30 days course of treatment.


In fact, many of our customers saw significant improvements within 7-14 days, but some need longer time.


Based on our experience, 80% of our customers will achieve their ideal results within 30 days if they adhere to the instruction.

We do have customers who are fully recovered. But they are highly cooperative and self-disciplined. Therefore, the answer is on you.


In fact, the priority now is to solve your existing  gastric problems.


Since you indulged yourself for years, why not give yourself 30 days to regain your gastric health?

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